This Fund raising takes place three and half years after the devastating fire which destroyed most of the Yunus Emre farm in september 2012.

    During these 3 years, a lot has been done, THANKS to YOU, (see Renaissance site to learn more)...

    Yet because money has been drastically lacking, I could absolutely not rebuild anything properly in the farm, thus resume real activities and programs...

    As a consequence tangible incomes could not be generated and  I have been sustaining my life until now thanks to yoga classes in Antalya (1/3) and most of all thanks to spontaneaous Donations  :) :) :)  (for 2/3)

    I want to believe though that everything happens for a reason ...and that thinks happen when they have to happen ...

    In 2015 we learned that the farm might be eligible to receive grants from TKDK** , a development agency for local business.

    So the application is still in preparation with our team* (architect/ engineers/ builders/ consultant...) who all accepted to help and receive (little) money only after the subsidy will be granted ... So ... lets cross the fingers !!!


    The FINANCING of the RECONSTRUCTION will be Twofold:


    --> TKDK's grant  might cover :   the guest house ANAHAT (essential to the farm) + Solar ELECTRIC System + Solar Water heaters - 

    --> CROWD FUNDING CAMPAIGN  :  aims at renewing the existing constructions (toilet huts, showers, Saraswati and Chandi tents, Durga the yoga shala, maybe the Toolshed...)

    -->  ALREADY A WONDERFUL NEWS : DURGA received a generous DONATION ...

    we might be able to finance its floor and walls this Summer !!!!!!!! 


    TIMING  ... SCHEDULE ...

    Our application to TKDK** will be given in September 2016;

    Their answer should arrive within 2 to 7 months = between November 2016 and April 2017;

    According to all these elements taking place in real time, we dare to estimate that Anahat and some other constructions could be finished by AUTUMN next year 2017 ... allowing thus the Reopening of the farm ....

    See the RECONSTRUCTION and FINANCING plan for all details


     * Around ten people are working on the project : Yannick & Karine ecobuilders and architect did the first plans ; Ayse Ahmet Mustafa Göksel made the plans under the turkish format, Serkan is our "Usta" prime contractor, Veysi calculates the material, Akif is our accountant, and Selcan is helping me in the whole process.... All accepted to work for the Yunus Emre farm's project without receiving money at first ... simply because they loved the project :) ... big Gratitude !

    ** TKDK: Turizm ve Kirsal Destekleme Kurumu =  Supportive agency for rural and touristic development


    and to continue surfing in the campaign ....

    1. AIMs of this CAMPAIGN  /  2. CONTEXTE of this FUND RAISING / 3. WHY am I (again) appealing to YOU / 4. RECONSTRUCTION PLAN with tangible datas, timing etc; 

    5. YUNUS EMRE FARM's project, a place of WELCOME, LEARNING and SHARING /  6. VARIOUS WAYS of HELPING (with practical details, figures, plans etc.) 7. FUND RAISING UPDATE


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