• Chandi


    Chandi has a weird story ...

    In may 2012 there was only one camping tent planned as accomodation  for our guest teachers who were soon coming . But as soon as we put up the tent, a tremendous thunderstorm took place and the tent just collapsed ... totally flooded it was unusable ...

    We covered it with a wooden structure and tiles, and put it to dry ...

    Fire came, and ... did not destroy it !

    It became the kitchen of the new camp ... and Chandi is still the kitchen until now :)


    Chandi Chandi

    However its very basic walls covered with torn plastic are also about to collapse !! .. and the floor made of palets seems not that comfortable for everyone...

    So it is time to renovate Chandi a bit, bring her nice walls and a safe floor .. and she will become the entrance Office and Shop of the farm !


    Chandi               Chandi



    Quote :

    Dimension 7 x 4.60

    Walls height  = 2.00m  +/-


    Walls  = 48 m2  x40 =    1920 tl = 2000 tl

    Floor = gravels + wood   = 32 m2 = 1500 tl


    Estimated cost for Chandi = 3500 tl


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