• Saraswati


    Saraswati is a typical turkish nomad tent, we put it up in 2009 with neighbor families when we were preparing in big haste some accomodation for the soon coming permaculture course...

    Saraswati in 2010  tranquille and serene

                                            Saraswati   yoga shala, 2010 2011 2012


    Saraswati    precious library and all yoga material ... before the fire :)

                                      ....during set up in 2009    Saraswati


    Saraswati endured thousands of storms yet kept going ...  Even the destroying fire spared Saraswati ... although flames devoured the near by dog's hut as well as roses just in front ...

    Kind of miracle indeed ... thanks to which yoga books and material have been spared too :)

    Thank you Universe !

    In 2015 thanks to Yannick, we could cover the roof with tiles, ... no leaking anymore ..

    Yet its "walls" now become more and more fragile and really need some renovation ... specially south face




    Quote :

    Dimensions 5 x 9  - Surface = 45 m2 - Wall's height = 2.20

    South wall  : 9 x2.20 = 20 m2

    wood and bamboo with one door

    Estimated cost  =  500 TL = 160 €

    Other parts of the tent are still ok ... slowly slowly we shall make it better ...

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