• Toolshed, laundry, electrics, greenhouse

     The toolshed will be situated on the most sunny place of the Sun garden; thus during winter it will be heated by the sun, the green house, and maybe a tiny oven :)

    During summer, it will be warm... but terracota tiles on the roof + nice plants climbing on the pergola should bring plenty of shade...


    Functions of the Toolshed:


    Toolshed : putting the tools into place, fixing, building...

    Greenhouse: will be surrounding the south and west part; used as nursery ... and natural heater :)

    Laundry : for the washing maching

    Premises for electrics: where the energy system components will be stored: batteries, inverters, and also big generator :) to be used as back up

    There will be toilets and showers and water will water the plants of the pergola :)



    Atelier Serre Buanderie Local technique  plan


    Atelier Serre Buanderie Local technique  WEST side = green house: terrace: pergola


    Atelier Serre Buanderie Local technique

    SOUTH side : on the left side we see the greenhouse, then entrance to laundry, then entrance to toolshed and then showers

    Quote :

    = Structure : 6m3 x 600 = 3600 TL

    = wooden walls height 2.5 / surface 150 m2 = 6000 TL

    = floor = wooden floor over gravels = 84 m2 x 40 TL = 3360 TL

    = roof with terracota tiles 100 m2 = 1700 tiles = 2125 TL

    = Doors = 200 TL

    = Plastic for greenhouse = 100 TL

    Total =   +/-   15000 TL

    note: theses plans and quote are still under study, changes might come, price might decrease :)



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